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cool site

2009-08-29 19:08:16 by hankjwebaltin



2009-07-17 22:26:20 by hankjwebaltin

oh well i shall just ignore them oh 645 frames in.

well holey shit

2009-07-15 21:29:34 by hankjwebaltin

well after months of trying (and and a new computer), in back and ready to animatw again. i know, i know, you hates will say "who cares", well..... i do so well ya also there may be a teaser comeing some.
update 9/16/09 5:04 i uploaded it wish me luck

ya i know it was crrapy but the real moive will be better

update 9/17/09-well it survived, not so well but the moive will do better

that scouts a spy

well holey shit


2008-07-15 12:00:37 by hankjwebaltin

well madness the first three is gone. no literaly gone, my computer deleted it so all work will be on jebus killer 3. lolz

im back

2008-06-17 23:59:24 by hankjwebaltin

well im back form 2 weeks of fun fun fun. now back work well it doing well and about half way through and will not be in for maness day.=( sorry didnt realise it would take this long. so till when ever.
also lol


2008-05-10 21:53:26 by hankjwebaltin

hey im thinking of makeing a LOST parodie madness combat style. no not all crazy like,just lost with mc characters. I could use some help so if you could help pm me. ill give more details later,BUT that is deturmened if i really want to.

ON TO other news jebus killer3 is going well slowly but welll. im still not sure about the advents of hank so ill put it away for a rainny day.

k now im back

2008-04-12 00:53:03 by hankjwebaltin

im back im working on madness jebus killer 3 it will be done when its finished. im still not shure about the adventres of hank advneters till then. also gordan is in it.

p.s ergo engan i am not riping you off ive been working on this for a wile befor you started madness wootifaction. just wanted to clarify

update 4/24/08

the advnetres of hank will be postponed untill i am finished jebus killer 3 speaking of which it is in its 3rd scene and at 52 sec.


2008-03-15 18:27:05 by hankjwebaltin

ok good news im back to animateing after a month break. im not sure if the adventres of hank will make it if i go for it it might so for now.

ok news update

2008-02-14 20:27:33 by hankjwebaltin

a madness jebus killer 3 is in its 619th frame and is comeing along well and the adventures of hank is comeing along well.

ok news update

o.k well

2008-02-09 00:11:05 by hankjwebaltin

madness the first 3 is out and hank adventure will be ou when its done so well....... so k.

k so....2.84 not bad
2.68 damn

also preveiw of the adventures of hank

o.k well